Not Bob Ross Live Paint February 15th, 2020 - Intense

I was feeling either sick or feeling the onset of a bipolar downward swing.

Not Bob Ross - Live Paint February 8th, 2020 - Tranquility

I felt like this painting was well constructed and a clear representation of my vision that day.

No Bob Ross - Live Paint February 6th 2020 - Acquitted

Trump was acquitted without witnesses and Democracy took a step back.

Not Bob Ross - Live Paint February 1st, 2020 Cookie Monster

Despite political frustration, I had a blast painting my first plexiglas in quite some time.

Not Bob Ross - Live Paint January 25th 2020 - Salem Flow

I used Salem Green as the base of a five color set on our Victorian house in Buffalo, New York. I miss that house.

Not Bob Ross - Live Paint January 18th 2020 - Purple Kush

Painting is therapy and on this particular day I needed some good therapy.

Not Bob Ross - Live Paint January 11th 2020 - Sublime

Just feeling a little chill so I painted something a little more tense and tame at the same time.

Not Bob Ross - Live paint January 9th 2020 - Imminent Threat

This is an emotional response to the situation between the USA and Iran and just the volume of noise and chaos.

Live high speed plexiglas paint - Aerial

Plexiglas live paint specifically to play on Instagram. 59 sec post. Aerial, '19, acrylic on plexiglas, 22 x 8 inch

Newborn (still wet painting) "Social Division"

At the moment this was painted,Trump and Putin had successfully and tragically divided our nation. 

Newborn "December"

I wanted something to reflect my love for the colors of the holidays.

Video tour of "Midnight"

"Midnight" '19, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 36 inches

Celestial Bubbles, 2015 Video by Christopher Sharits

 A Christopher Sharits Video from inside exhibit "A retrospective view of the pathway" by Roger Hiorns (British Artist) taken at The Contemporary at Austin Laguna Gloria Texas September 26th 2015 

Live paint of Timeline 2017 - Timeline

Live video painting  of a very quick canvas painting in 2017, 1 hour 17 mins.

Movement of Inifnity Mobile

While a few other works by myself appear in the video, the purpose is to demonstrate the gentile flow of the plexiglas mobile "Infinity." 2018.

Musical tour of "House of Joy"

Honestly, I think we were hammered during this video shoot. This plexiglas painting hangs in my brother's house as a thank you gift. "House of Joy" two sided, '18, acrylic on plexiglas, 24 x 48 inches 

Video tour of "Sonic Pulse"

First painting of 2020. "Sonic Pulse" '20, acrylic on canvas, 48 x 60 inches